Expectations / by chelsie burkhart

Before having a child: “Im not into those matchy matchy outfits".”

After having a child: 👇😂


Isnt it funny how much changes after you become a parent? There are so many things I said I would never do as a mom before parenthood. Can anyone relate to this? It seemed so easy to assume what my world was going to be like and how I would react to certain situations, but the reality is, I had no idea what my child was going to be like, so how could I have  possibly predicted how I was going to be as a parent!?

Okay, Okay, sure. Some of you are parents who expected the unexpected and your plans have worked out pretty flawlessly (cough, cough). Kuddos to you my friends! For alot of us parents, this isn’t the case.


Another small example other than the unexpected mommy & me outfits that i’m obsessed with:

I told myself I wasn’t going to really introduce TV, and if I did, It was going to be a very small amount. I got some laughs for this one! At the time, I thought, “why are you laughing!?”. I don’t want my child to be glued to a tv, smartphone, or tablet! Here we are, Joie is 4 months old, and the only way I can get her to be by herself for short periods of time IS if I turn on little baby bum! She laughs so hard, and talks to the TV, its way too cute to take it away from her. We still read books, do tummy time, and take a stroll outside every day. Letting her watch an educational show that occupies her so I can get something accomplished around the house wont be the end of the world. I get my sanity back, so yeah, TV has saved my butt a few times!


Before becoming a parent, I had all of these expectations of how life was going to be. I thought I would definetly have Joie on a schedule, that I could let anyone watch her, and that she would sleep well on her own. I honestly thought this was going to be so feasible because I know some moms who have done it! All of these things have posed real challenges and a major reality check for me. I envy you mommas out there who have their babies living a little more independently but what i’ve come to learn is that every baby is different. You give birth to this perfect little human, and although you have an idea of the way you want things to go, they may thrive differently.

The most important thing i’ve learned here is what my husbands grandpa always says, “You have to be the big F word, FLEXIBLE.” Its so true. We can have all of these expectations but what works best is if we can take life day by day, and learn to adapt ourselves to the situation.

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