Blessed / by chelsie burkhart

I’m thankful for the day we became parents.

Throughout my whole pregnancy (when I started to feel movement and show) I thought it was odd that Joie stuck to my right side. I never felt movement on my left side. I always thought my belly didn’t look completely right. I always laughed because I was so lopsided.


At my 39 week appointment we were told Joie was Breech

We scheduled a version that would result in either an immediate C-Section or an induction.

She didn’t turn. Something just didn’t feel right, we told them to stop at the 2nd attempt and do the C-Section



During surgery, the dr said “ohhh, that is why she is breech, she has been breech for a long time” “Honey, there’s something going on with your uterus. Don’t worry, she is fine and you are fine but I’ll explain when you are in recovery.”


Turns out I have a septate/bicornuate uterus. Mine doesn’t split down the middle though, a portion of my  left side has no communication with anything.

That explained everything that was going on with my belly and movement throughout pregnancy.

We heard things like:

✨You’re l u c k y

✨Most people who have this have trouble getting pregnant

✨Some people have miscarriages

✨A lot of times babies are pre-term



Going through a perfectly healthy pregnancy and getting pregnant on the first try, we are blessed 🙏. It may not be that easy next time. We are thankful to have Joie. If it weren’t for her being breech, we may have never known that my uterus is the way it is. 


This is just a reminder to count my blessings. There are times where she may be fussy, or times that I may be sleep deprived, times where things get really hard... these are the times where I have to stop and remind myself that I’m so thankful for this healthy little girl.

She doesn’t like sleeping by herself. She loves human touch and feels most comfortable lying on Austin’s and I’s chest or in our Arms. This makes getting things done around the house merely impossible. But, you know what... I don’t even care right now. I’m soaking up all the cuddle time she wants. I’m lucky to have a husband who literally helps with anything and everything  (besides breastfeeding because ugh, that’s impossible 😆). 

Sometimes we take moments for granted, and we wish away the hard times, but guess what. Life is   h a r d. There are going to be moments of struggle but it makes us appreciate the amazing times that much more.


Take a moment and count your blessings. It’s easy to get caught up in frustration but if we take a deep breath and thank God for his plan, we can put ourselves back into balance and in a better place.  



🖤 Chels