An in-home maternity sesh by chelsie burkhart

Lish has been a friend of mine since middle school. We grew up talking for hours on the phone... she was kind of like my second mom teaching me how to cut up waffles and how to make mashed potatoes hahah. She was always the one out of our group of friends who was the homemaker. She knew how to cook, she knew how to clean, and had a natural ability to care for others (hence, why she makes such a great RN). A few years after high school she met the love of her life. Someone who can make her laugh, balance her out, calm her down, and really care for her unconditionally. It makes me so happy that I am able to capture this blessing in the making. Im so excited to meet Baby Graham and watch him/her grow up and be able to capture Alicia & Jasons love for the little one.  You both are going to be stellar parents.



Love you guys <3