Ricky Stelzer / by chelsie burkhart

By her parents surprise, little GIRL Ricky  (name taken after her Grandpa)  was Born on January 21, 2018. ๐Ÿ’• 9 lbs 3.5 oz!

It is one of the best feelings seeing the love and happiness a child can bring to a family. Its even more special when it happens to one of my closest friends! I cant even describe the feeling of being able to capture moments like this for people so close to me. Rory and Jake are a couple of the most calming, down to earth, and loving people I  know. (I'm biased because I feel that way about all of my closest friends) but seeing her and Jake hold and cuddle Ricky...staring into her eyes...radiating the joy and love through their presence with her, WOW. That, in my opinion,  is what life is about. Having the blessing of god, to be able to bear a child, and pray for health and happiness. Being able to hold a little one in your arms and know that God gave you this blessing and that you're able to experience a deeper love that you've never been able to fathom before, its incredible to see.

Thank you Rory & Jake for having me photograph Ricky in her first few days welcomed into the world. I love you guys so much <3