Jake & Rory's Romantic Charm Ohio Wedding / by chelsie burkhart

Let me start off by saying how near and dear Rory is to my heart. We met in middle school and gradually became close friends as the years went on. These past couple years, Rory and I have grown closer and I can only thank God for making such a wonderful human being. She is kind, loving, generous, and has such a big heart. We conversed numerous times in the past couple years about this man that had walked into her life. As the years went on, the conversations about Jake, a man she met while working a summer job at Salt Fork State Park, grew more serious and the feelings she had for him grew deeper and deeper.

So, when I heard the news about their "normal" trips down the road to Salt Fork, and how this particular walk wasnt so normal... how Jake had stopped on the bridge and asked Rory to let this be the story they tell their grandchildren one day of how he proposed....it brought great joy to my heart. She said yes! ...after asking if this was even real!?? haha! I knew by the way Rory talked about Jake (and the times we all spent together) that he and her would be a great fit for each other and that they would spend many happy years growing, learning, and loving one another.


I'm so blessed to have been able to capture and document such an important day for the both of them. Rory & Jake...I wish you both the best and I love you both oh so much <3