Alex + Billy by chelsie burkhart

::::Alex + Billy::::

Wowza, this couple is on fire! They decided to get married on a hill overlooking Seneca Lake. The day was absolutely gorgeous! It may have been a little toasty, but we really couldn't have asked for a better day in the beginning of June! 

The girls were able to get ready at a beautiful farmhouse down the street from the ceremony location and the guys hung out at the house on the ceremony property. The morning was full of those jittery exciting nerves because well, these two were about to speak their own vows to each other (insert tears here) I love it when couples do this! It makes it special and even more intimate when couples are able to get in front of people and vow in their own words why they love each other and what they are going to vow to be for one another for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES! You can tell these two are the real deal and that they adore each other. Life is crazy and we all feel so blessed when we find the soul we are supposed to be with! It makes it so fun and sweet to be able to capture that! 

After these two kissed and sealed the deal, we took some portraits and then head to O'Hayes farm for a semi-casual reception! They had a good country meal (in my opinion THA BEST food) followed by lots of drinks and desserts. 

Thanks Alex + Billy for having me capture your special day and I wish you guys so much happiness in the many many years you'll spend together! <3 <3 

Brandi + Ben by chelsie burkhart



I will have to admit, these were two of the most crazy fun people to photograph! What Bride wouldnt go crazy if her HUSBAND tackled her on the ground in her wedding dress?? Not this one! The love that these two share is undescribable. You can feel the love for each other in the air.

They both chose to write their own vows....gaaaawsh it always makes me cry. Expecially when the groom starts getting all worked up! Excuse me while I wipe away tears on my sleeve as I capture their moments.

Congrats you two! <3 ya XOXO

Olivia's in home 6 month session by chelsie burkhart

Hey Guys!

OHMYGOSH!  I finally got to meet Olivia this past week!  I was so excited when I heard the news, I couldnt be happier for these two! I photographed Neely+Dans maternity photos this past fall, and had such a great time. I was excited when they got ahold of me so I could meet the little girly girl!

Neely decided to do an in-home session of Olivia! I'm tellin ya, these sessions are so nice and relaxed at home! The babes are already comfortable in their own home and really allows for organic smiles and laughs.

My favorites are of her and her animals! Love it, isnt she so cute!?!?

Ricky Stelzer by chelsie burkhart

By her parents surprise, little GIRL Ricky  (name taken after her Grandpa)  was Born on January 21, 2018. 💕 9 lbs 3.5 oz!

It is one of the best feelings seeing the love and happiness a child can bring to a family. Its even more special when it happens to one of my closest friends! I cant even describe the feeling of being able to capture moments like this for people so close to me. Rory and Jake are a couple of the most calming, down to earth, and loving people I  know. (I'm biased because I feel that way about all of my closest friends) but seeing her and Jake hold and cuddle Ricky...staring into her eyes...radiating the joy and love through their presence with her, WOW. That, in my opinion,  is what life is about. Having the blessing of god, to be able to bear a child, and pray for health and happiness. Being able to hold a little one in your arms and know that God gave you this blessing and that you're able to experience a deeper love that you've never been able to fathom before, its incredible to see.

Thank you Rory & Jake for having me photograph Ricky in her first few days welcomed into the world. I love you guys so much <3

Jessica + Derek Toadvine by chelsie burkhart

GUYYYS! This wedding was  like a fairytale!!

I met Jessica + Derek last year during our engagement session and let me tell ya, they are are photographers dream.  Meeting people who are as beautiful on the inside as they are outside is rare <3. Working with these two was so easy. They are laid-back, genuine, and humble.

Their wedding day took place at Rustic Acres Farms. One of the coolest things about this wedding is that Jessica's mom did most of the styling & florals. Her brother made alot of the centerpieces himself, and the rest of the family helped execute the whole thing! They spoke their own wedding vows under a wispy willow tree in front of their closest friends and family. We couldnt have asked for a better August day with mid 70's temperatures and a clear skies!  They shared a family style dinner on the wrap around deck of the venue. I watched as they laughed and stared at each other for the first time as husband and wife. I can tell how much these two love each other by those small intimate moments. It's like those cinematic moments where there are tons of people around, so much going on, yet the only person that the other see's is their loved one.  That is exactly how Jessica + Derek were and have been each time i've met them. Its was so much fun to work with them and i'm so excited they chose me to be their photographer.

How sweet they are <3 <3

Venue & Food: Rustic Acres Farm
Dress: Bridal Beginnings

The Huddles by chelsie burkhart

Tis the season for snow! What a perfect time of year for those cozy in-home sessions. I was so happy Kaleigh had got in contact with me to do her newborn, Sadie's photos. I had photographed CJ's newborn three years ago! Wow, time flys by. Its always awesome to see how much the kids have grown and blossomed into their own little person. In this instance, CJ and his little sister look like identical twins as babies! Its basically CJ with a bow!

If you're on the brink about an in-home session, take a look at this gallery! I personally love the feel of how natural and organic in-home sessions can be. :)

Alyse + Jordan by chelsie burkhart

Ahhhh December Weddings! Sunsets in winter are always so crisp and beautiful! We got really lucky for good temperatures and a beautiful sunset! Alyse was one of the most relaxed brides i've ever had.

We started the morning with the girls, Alyse's friend did the girls makeup (she was THE BOMB). I mean, seriously. Really no edits on the face and they all looked flawless <3! All of the girls were so calm and relaxed. This group was really the go-with-the-flow type and made the day so much more fun!

The ceremony + reception was held at Pritchard Laughlin in Cambridge, Ohio. It was really cool how they split the room up. Ive photographed multiple weddings here and it was the first time i've seen a set up like that. Theo's of Cambridge did all of the event styling and really made a special atmosphere to walk into.

As for Jordan + Alyse... They were so stinkin' cute together! I love working with relaxed couples who are just in love and want to get married. That's what the whole day is about anyways! It was so good to be apart of a wedding where I felt that's all they wanted to do! Congrats to Jordan + Alyse and best wishes for a happy and fufilled marriage <3!

Derek + Jessica :: Engagement by chelsie burkhart

Derek + Jessica :: Engagement :: 


Gah, Talk about a gorgeous engagement session! We decided to photograph at La Casa Narcissi Winery (gorgeous landscape and well, an excuse to pick up some great wine!). They winery was very accommodating and open to letting us shoot at their location. The people were all very sweet and it was the perfect location for the style that Jessica & Derek were going for.

I had a blast shooting these two. They were down to earth, beautiful, relaxed, and trusted whatever I told them to do. Take a scroll to look at a few of the final edits from our shoot <3