Derek + Jessica :: Engagement by chelsie burkhart

Derek + Jessica :: Engagement :: 


Gah, Talk about a gorgeous engagement session! We decided to photograph at La Casa Narcissi Winery (gorgeous landscape and well, an excuse to pick up some great wine!). They winery was very accommodating and open to letting us shoot at their location. The people were all very sweet and it was the perfect location for the style that Jessica & Derek were going for.

I had a blast shooting these two. They were down to earth, beautiful, relaxed, and trusted whatever I told them to do. Take a scroll to look at a few of the final edits from our shoot <3 



The Hartman's :: Family Session by chelsie burkhart

I was super excited when Mandi had contacted me to do their family photo's again. We got lucky with a nice fall evening and was able to get gorgeous evening light. Its always a blast shooting photo's of toddlers. They are crazy, they want to run around, and they try their hardest to be bashful in front of the camera. Lets face it, they are smarter than we think and they know they are just being ornery. Luckily, working on location where we have the freedom to run and roam around with beautiful scenery in the background, we were able to pull out a reel full of personality.



Jake & Rory's Romantic Charm Ohio Wedding by chelsie burkhart

Let me start off by saying how near and dear Rory is to my heart. We met in middle school and gradually became close friends as the years went on. These past couple years, Rory and I have grown closer and I can only thank God for making such a wonderful human being. She is kind, loving, generous, and has such a big heart. We conversed numerous times in the past couple years about this man that had walked into her life. As the years went on, the conversations about Jake, a man she met while working a summer job at Salt Fork State Park, grew more serious and the feelings she had for him grew deeper and deeper.

So, when I heard the news about their "normal" trips down the road to Salt Fork, and how this particular walk wasnt so normal... how Jake had stopped on the bridge and asked Rory to let this be the story they tell their grandchildren one day of how he brought great joy to my heart. She said yes! ...after asking if this was even real!?? haha! I knew by the way Rory talked about Jake (and the times we all spent together) that he and her would be a great fit for each other and that they would spend many happy years growing, learning, and loving one another.


I'm so blessed to have been able to capture and document such an important day for the both of them. Rory & Jake...I wish you both the best and I love you both oh so much <3

Stephen & Alyssa's Intimate Backyard Ohio Wedding by chelsie burkhart

Oh how I love these small intimate backyard weddings! Alyssa, who is also a phenomenal hair stylist one day asked me while I was getting my hair done "Okay, Chelsie...just tell me what days in October you have available and we are going to make this happen!" Granted, we were having this conversation in September! haha with only a few weeks to plan, Alyssa and Stephen pulled off such a gorgeous backyard wedding at Stephens sisters house. It was perfect. A bit cold, but nonetheless perfect.

The pond and fall trees made for a picturesque backdrop during the lovely ceremony. They even had a basket full of blankets and hand-warmers for the immediate family who attended the ceremony. It may have been chilly that day, but Stephen & Alyssa pulled off this whirlwind of a charming intimate wedding.

Baby Maylee by chelsie burkhart

Life just got a little sweeter for Alicia & Jason. God blessed the Grahams with this beautiful baby girl, Maylee Jae. Here are a few images from our in-home newborn sesh. <3 

An in-home maternity sesh by chelsie burkhart

Lish has been a friend of mine since middle school. We grew up talking for hours on the phone... she was kind of like my second mom teaching me how to cut up waffles and how to make mashed potatoes hahah. She was always the one out of our group of friends who was the homemaker. She knew how to cook, she knew how to clean, and had a natural ability to care for others (hence, why she makes such a great RN). A few years after high school she met the love of her life. Someone who can make her laugh, balance her out, calm her down, and really care for her unconditionally. It makes me so happy that I am able to capture this blessing in the making. Im so excited to meet Baby Graham and watch him/her grow up and be able to capture Alicia & Jasons love for the little one.  You both are going to be stellar parents.



Love you guys <3

Christian & Katie :: Engagment by chelsie burkhart

Gah! Say hello to Christian & Katie. When I first spoke with Katie, I fell in love with her and Christians love story. I'm a sucker for romance so hearing theirs made my heart flutter a little.  Long story short, they ended up meeting on a mission trip that Christian was filling in on for his friend. There were people from all around the country that went on this mission trip and Christian and Katie ended up living only an hour apart. Talk about meant to be!

I'm so blessed that Katie & Christian chose me to capture these beautiful moments. Everything from their boho inspired style along with their genuine personalities... I dont think this session could have been any sweeter.  Thank you Events Held Dear for the incredible session styling and Madison House Flowers for the beautiful headpiece! 



Photo session styling: Events Held Dear

Flower Crown: Madison House Flowers




IFBB Bikini Pro- Jessie Schiefer by chelsie burkhart

I had the pleasure of getting to know Jessie on a little bit of a greater level than social media. I can say, this woman is not only driven, but she is so sincere and down to earth. People like her inspire others to do great things. Jessie, your driven mentality along with your genuine spirit is going to push you to succeed at great heights. Thank you for playing in front of the camera with me! 


Jason & Kate by chelsie burkhart

Jason & Kate are pregnant! I have been incredibly blessed that i've had the opportunity to photograph moments from engagement, to wedding, to baby! Eeeek, them having a baby makes me so excited. If they treat their little baby girl as good as their puppies, she is going to be one spoiled child :)


Here is a little peek into our in-home maternity sesh!